Dr. Csukás, Petra

1986 Dental Degree, Semmelweis Medical University
1986-1988 Semmelweis Medical University Orthodontics Clinic
1988-2001 Heim Pál Children’s Hospital Orthodontics Dept.
2001 Oral Studio

Specialization: Orthodontics for children and adults; Special removable and fixed appliances; Preoperative orthodontics; Preprosthetic solutions

Languages: Hungarian, English, German

Dr. Huszák, András

1986 Dental Degree, Semmelweis Medical University
1988 Specialisation in Dentistry
1991-92 Free University Amsterdam, staff member of Oral and Maxillofacial Department
1992 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Semmelweis Medical University
2004 Medical Expert, Ministry of Justice
2006 2006 Master of Oral Medicine in Implantology/ IMC Münster
2008 Medical Spec. jurist, PPKE
Board member of the Hungarian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

Postgraduate specialization courses

Implantology: Wienna, Austria
Orthognatic surgery: Amsterdam, Holland
Childrens’ oral disease: Linz, Austria
Distraction osteogenesis: Stuttgart, Germany
Bite splint therapy: Paris, France
Temporomandibular joint conservative and surgical managements: Paris, France

Specialization: Temporomandibular joint disorders, orthognatic surgery, implantology, special prosthetics

Presented a number of lectures in the field of oral surgery and implantology at international meetings. Regular contributor to courses held on the topic of implantation, bone augmentation,
distraction osteogenesis and oral surgery.

Languages: Hungarian, English, German, Dutch

Dr. Mezey, Márk

1998 Dental Degree, Semmelweis Medical University
2000 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Semmelweis Medical University
2003 Maxillofacial Degree, Semmelweis Medical University

Specialization: Aesthetic dentistry, implantology, oral surgery, prothetics

Languages: Hungarian, English, German, Italian

Dr. Pavlov, Alexander

Specialist in psychiatry, Homeopathic treatments, Voll-Diagnostic

1992 SOTE General Medicine
1996 HIETE Voll- Elektroakupunktur, Voll-Diagnose
1998 Specialist in Psychiatry
2000 Paris, CEDH (European center for Homoeopathy) specialist in homoeopathy
2001 HIETE Licence-exam in Homoeopathy

Languages: Hungarian, Bulgarian, Russian, English

Dr. Záhonyi, Balázs

1998-1999 Janus Pannonius University of Sciences – Biology & Chemistry
1999-2004 University Medical School of Pécs – Dentistry
2007 Semmelweis University – Dentoalveolar surgeon specialist
2004 Oral Studio

Specialization: Member of a scientific research group in parodontal disease; dentistry; prothetics

Languages: Hungarian, English

Dr. Vánkos, László

Consultant Anaesthesiologist, Department Head of Anaesthesiology, Central Military Hospital, Budapest

1956 Tata
1982 Medical Degree: Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest
1986 Specialist in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy
1990-1991 Beilinson Medical Center Socler school of Tel Aviv University; Texas Tech University, Algemeines Krankenhouse der Stadt, Vienna, Austria:
Postgraduate trainings

In the past ten years himself and Dr. Huszák have successfully completed more than a thousand procedures under general anesthesia for private patients

Languages: Hungarian, English, German, Hebrew

Dr. Varga, Dániel

2014 Dental Degree, Semmelweis Medical University
since 2011 at Szent Rókus Hospital
2012-2013 at Honvéd Hospital
since 2014 at Alma-Dent (Gödöllő)
2013- OralStudio Dentistry, Oral&Maxillofacial Surgery

Languages: Hungarian, English, German, Italien

Dr. Kerekes, Erwin

2015 Dental Degree, Semmelweis Medical University
since 2014 Intern of OralMED Studio, than its dentist

Languages: Hungarian, German, English, French

Dr. Zavaros, Ádám

Dr. Vánkos, Borbála

Dr. Schmidt, Fanni

Ibolya Bessenyei, assistant

Geosicsné, Albert Judit, assistant in anesthesiology

Klára Fehér-Lenk, special dental assistants & dental hygienists

Söjtörné, Joó Éva, specialist dental assistants & dental hygienists

Brigitta Kapás, specialist dental assistants & dental hygienists, deputy chief of the assistants

Zsuzsanna Kiss, quality assurance manager, business administration supervisor

Ladányiné, Bori Csilla, surgical nurse & chief of the assistants

Júlia Szász, specialist dental assistants & dental hygienists

Ágicsné, Pöltl Éva, specialist dental assistants & dental hygienists

Noémi Kovács, specialist dental assistants & dental hygienists

Éva Fazekas, specialists dental assistants & dental hygienists

Noémi Koszta, specialist dental assistants & dental hygienists

Kitti Vidovics, dental assistants & dental hygienists

Linda Pálfalvi, dental assistants & dental hygienists

Anett Kállai, surgical nurse & dental hygienists

Nikoletta Német, special dental assistants & receptionist

Noémi Mohai, receptionist

Máté Szanda, receptionist

Anna Klaudia Német, receptionist

Szilvia Debreczeni, receptionist

Cintia Fazekas, dental assistants

Lilla Erdei, receptionist